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How to enhance your mobile safety with mobile threat defense

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To reduce costs and boost efficiency, many companies permit their workers to use their own devices for work. This is called the “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy. However, this practice puts your organization at risk of cyberattacks targeted at mobile devices. The only way to mitigate this threat is with mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions.

What is mobile threat defense?

MTD provides a comprehensive safeguard against cyberattacks on Android and other mobile devices. It constantly scans for malicious activity, allowing you to identify any potential threats before they become an issue. Through proactive monitoring and mitigation efforts, MTD ensures that your organization’s mobile devices remain safe from security threats.

How does MTD work?

MTD defends against potential threats on three fronts:

On mobile devices
MTD technology on mobile phones not only scans for potential vulnerabilities, such as outdated OS versions and system parameters, but it also inspects devices for system misconfigurations that could lead to a data breach. In addition, these applications constantly examine user activity for suspicious behavior such as privilege escalation that could grant anyone remote access to your network.

On applications
On the application level, MTD platforms can identify data spills and other security issues. These issues often occur when apps access information in other applications. This can be problematic if private data is exchanged between private apps and those approved by an enterprise on one device. Some MTD tools are designed to restrict the installation of specific apps not approved by your IT team.

On the network
MTD solutions continuously scan network traffic for suspicious activity. This allows them to identify invalid and spoofed certificates, as well as any security weaknesses that can be exploited in a man-in-the-middle attack.

Benefits of MTD

The key benefits of implementing MTD solutions include:

Increased confidence in implementing a BYOD policy
With MTD solutions, you can rest easy knowing that your staff will be protected while using their personal mobile devices for work.

Faster threat response
MTD will actively prevent malicious attacks on users’ mobile devices before they can cause significant damage.

Improved visibility
With MTD, you’ll gain invaluable insight into the security posture of your mobile workforce.

Compliance with data protection regulations
MTD guarantees the security of your organization’s confidential information regardless of where that information is stored or accessed.

To learn more about how MTD can keep your network secure, talk to one of our security experts today.

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