VOIP Solutions

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Telecom Service Review:

EGiS can help review your voice, data, wireless phone and Internet services and costs. Our ultimate goal is to cut your costs and improve your services.

SIP Trunking:

EGiS can help move your business from traditional phone services to SIP Trunks. Deploying SIP Trunking can be a big step towards simplifying your organization’s telecommunications and towards preparing for the latest real-time communications enhancements, but the biggest motivation for most organizations is immediate and substantial cost savings.

On Premise tradition IP/PBX solution:

EGiS supports the deployment of mainstream on premise IP-PBX phone systems. As our traditional analog and digital phone system age out, we have the choice of replacing the equipment with an On Premise IP-PBX phone system and VOIP phones. EGiS will make sure the new IP based phone system integrates well with the existing IT infrastructure, ensuring, performance, reliability and security.

On Premise economical VOIP solution:

EGiS can help with the deployment of a lower costs open source communications server. By taking advantage of virtualization technologies and open source IP/PBX systems, we can help your business deploy a cost effective and reliable VOIP phone system.

“Cloud based” Hosted VOIP Solution:

EGiS can also help select and implement a hosted VoIP service provided by a third party provider (externally hosted). EGiS has the experience to help select the right provider for your business needs and then integrate the solution into your IT infrastructure.

ISP provided VOIP:

Our local ISP providers can deliver a complete end to end VOIP solution. These solutions are advanced, cloud-based, hosted telephone system delivering business-grade voice service over the ISP’s private network. It unites your entire business with a single communications platform, so you can stay connected to your office no matter where you go.

We understand the industry and infrastructure to help you select and implement the best solution for your business

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