COVID-19 Response

Dear EGiS Customers,

As you are aware, the Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic is a rapidly developing situation around the world. EGiS is tracking the situation and is working to ensure that service continues to our clients in a safe and uninterrupted fashion.

We are committed to providing support to our customers throughout this event.

For many of our clients who are choosing to begin working from home, we already have remote access systems in place. We are working with clients that do not have work from home plans but need them to get them in place. Please understand that we are assisting 100+ clients throughout the Omaha area, so our normal response may be somewhat delayed.

Our mobile technicians are still visiting client sites at this time. They are stocked with sanitizer and wipes to clean surface they will be working on. Additionally, we have a strict cleanliness policy for both techs and vehicles to ensure that we are doing our part to limit the risk of any spread.

EGiS staff is fully prepared to work from home as part of our normal preparedness planning. A portion of our staff is already working from home at this time to lower the risk of spread to their families. Even if all of Omaha is told to self-quarantine, we are prepared to deliver service remotely via our standard channels.

Please let us know if you have any questions about your current remote access setup or implementation. We are reachable at 402-502-7380 and

Monte V. Monteleagre‚Äč

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