Windows 7 End-of-Life

Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft on January 14th, 2020. This means that there will be no new security updates or software updates from Microsoft if you are still using Windows 7. Also, many vendors are no longer supporting Windows 7 so your applications may not work properly or at all if you're on this unsupported version of Windows.

Q: My computer works fine, why should I upgrade?

A: Microsoft will stop providing security updates for Windows 7. Even if your computer works, running on an unpatched version of Windows is unsafe and may leave you open to vulnerabilities that have been patched in Windows 10.

Q: How much will it cost to get new computers that support Windows 10?

A: Prices can vary based on the best deals available at the time and your needs. EGiS will work to get you the best price available and we may be able to get discounts from the manufacturer if multiple PCs are purchased at one time.

Q: Do I have to upgrade all my computers at once or can I do this over time?

A: You have until January 2020 to upgrade to Windows 10 before Windows 7 end-of-life. Contact us ASAP and we can work with you to come up with a plan to replace your PCs over time between now and then.

Q: Can I upgrade my existing computer to Windows 10?

A: We recommend purchasing a new device that comes with Windows 10. Some computers may be able to be upgraded but it is not the recommended path from Micrsoft. We'll work with you to look at your existing devices and determine the best plan going forward.

Q: What if I don't upgrade?

A: Over time your computer will be vulnerable to more security risks that Microsoft is no longer patching. Also, applications are now built for Windows 10 and they may work less reliably over time as your applications receive updates.

Q: I have anti-virus and anti-malware installed on my computer and I have a modern firewall that protects me from threats. Do I still need to upgrade?

A: Yes! EGiS approaches security from a layered perspective with our 7 Layers of Security approach. Anti-virus, anti-malware, firewalls AND a modern operating system are all layers of defense that we recommend to protect you from the variety of threats used by cybercriminals to try and compromise your systems.

Q: What should I do?

A: Contact EGiS Technologies today and we'll help you build a plan to replace your old computers and get your environment on a safe, modern operating system.

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